Sounds like incompatible hardware. But 4.02rtcl has been rugged I deleted.
Downloaded 4.01 as my only USB is 4.0. I dearly hope I don't have to do
that quirky debian template upgrade unless I can just type sude apt system
upgrade or like that. Other than that, my only beefs are that the system
seems to be slowing n my Dell Inspiron i5 8GBRAM and I don't want to have
to go to the fusion repo on the fedora template to run html5 youtubes. But
that is laziness I don't mind doing it. Others might not want to.

Qubes OS is sacred work and I appreciate ADW and the others who field
questions on this rockin listserv. But yes we need speed and more
supportive gui.

We need to evangelize QOS. Because the state agencies are stalking and
spying and arresting people for their online activities, opinions,
subversive thoughts and even memes.

The best hope against an Orwellian future is Qubes dissemination. But as
part of our mission we should Never Give Up. It is OK to run fedora or
ubuntu or debian on another partition or another box for convenience, but
we can all change the wolrd by being testers and canaries for the sake of
those who connect to the internet in places like Turkey, Syria, China,
Brazil, Russia, or a post-democracy USA or a post-democratic UK.
This email is confidential to the recipient named in the original. If you
receive and are not the named recipient *please delete and notify sender*
thank you in advance for your adherence.

On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 4:48 PM Andrew David Wong <> wrote:

> Hash: SHA512
> On 2019-10-02 9:22 AM, wrote:
> > Qubes was meant to be for end users who wanted to be more secure,
> > it wasn't meant for security experts or expert coders who would
> > want to edit files and configure things for themselves. Without a
> > doubt, the 4.0 version of Qubes hasn't been managed well. Updating
> > dom0 with meant to be stable OS broke my system. It wouldn't boot
> > up.
> >
> > My hardware satisfies all the conditions that Qubes has mentioned
> > yet it is far from stable here. Switched back to parrot os. This
> > is the 3rd time I expected something stable and had to go back
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > I request all the developers of Qubes to have a meeting and
> > completely redesign aspects of end user convenience. With
> > questions like, "Will I be able to watch YouTube Videos on Qubes",
> > you're trying to reach practically everyone and yet Qubes is too
> > away from that point.
> >
> Thank you for the feedback. I will discuss this with the rest of the
> Qubes team.
> - --
> Andrew David Wong (Axon)
> Community Manager, Qubes OS
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> chUgTOWotHbJ7D/z4Lj5Cdh2FJcSHAkt2c1REYGUWcxmCDfkl+RK8xPgvpxbtEQp
> TjBiXNYO+MMgaToL6QleqGZaiuvBNWtXvRyWyf9O/gz5vgb3ZIpgCixemgVdchcu
> VGpmm4osOx8PiOV+aFSyWatKIxRe4mOJi+EFhgNjWTrmS5EYrk22obbjIu6ES6BW
> R1GeakB02mEHpG7ovLRj4RwR2igYkXD67R3PTEYQx5D3XAwCAJCGpHfeA0AIcQ3r
> wbF6LV0KGu34/igg7pgMgcbb/HPSuHS52FwjehrT0HUMAzKuupYULOl3fIUtYrZN
> tywMRSFq4es7HiyHIKL31WjxdClRFHqC69oWzaB1NG1RbBahg22FLzxKOVYpb5vk
> eLkxTxsduYKakDTCZp7UijsTD52tJ+8odb4giLo5GJErXqnFoCHikwZvFdYaHN3g
> gf4HfyxHNaZdnWNzHsk1nehoCwAo9aLZQfOw6CSILfMp3/tJRbu8jns2+QfM/ARB
> b9PbIJ5bfhu/OO0a5yLUkdrqMydRFPNlYDfGxw3MuIrVr0yjYNkb2qyMfGqHQ+OV
> U89hXweoKuJ9bcE9GYzwhmukoYEuSIZ5Exv0WKPCw+0QcHwBvQs=
> =RUIx
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