On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 08:05:11PM +0000, Matt Drez wrote:
> That makes total sense. Well, I'm glad I didn't screw everything up
> but now how do I reverse what I have done so I could achieve my goal?
> How can I "take away" the 100% free space I assigned to root and give
> it to the whole system? 

i am not sure you have to do anything.

check with "vgs", does it still report 500+ VFree?
then you can just go ahead with the "resizing pool00 meta+data" parts.

if you really want to clean up the qubes_dom0-root situation...
check with "lsblk -d /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-root".
   does it say 500something GB? all good, nothing to do.
   does it say 1TB? meh, continue.
check with "df -h /", does it report 500something GB total? good!
IF the df-total is 500something GB, you can just lvresize
qubes_dom0-root back down to something like 600GB. 
pick something that is 10% or so bigger than your old disk and the df-total.

DO NOT try to hit the exact size!
DO NOT try this if df says 1TB total!

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