> i dont fully understand that gparted screenshot, but it looks like
> you resized the partition already.

> so whats missing is on one of the LVM layers of the stack.

> check with "pvs", it should list a /dev/mapper/luks-something.
> does that PV have the right PSize of 900+ GB?
> if not, google: pvresize

> next check with "vgs", it should list a qubes_dom0.
> does that vg have the right VSize of 900+ GB?
> if not, google: vgextend

> next check with "lvs qubes_dom0/pool00".
> does that pool lv have the right LSize of 900+GB?
> if not, google: resize lvm thin pool

Thank you for getting back to me. 

None of the three commands you gave showed 900+GB

Now, do I have to do all 3 steps in that specific order to solve the problem? 

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