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Also, how do you change your keyboard settings under i3/Fedora/Qubes? I want to use the us-altgr-intl keymap. Under i3 when I do $ localectl set-keymap us-altgr-intl in a qube vm terminal, this has no effect in applications. The right alt key instead remains used to open menu's (altgr+f for File, altgr+e for Edit, etc.) If I could use altgr-intl and
retain that functionality that would actually be great.

Do you mean it activates the toolbar in a software such as firefox
(Alt_R keysym) or it activates a contextual menu in a soft such as
gnome-terminal (Menu keysym) ?

I think such things may be configurable in the application itself.
The thing is when you use AltGr as right Alt, you are now sending
ISO_Level3_Shift as keysym to the application instead of Alt_R, so the
application must be aware you want also use it for your things.

A trick, if you do no want to configure the applications, may be to use an utility such as xcape (in dom0) to send Alt_R when you press and release the key alone, and ISO_Level3_Shift when you press the key in
conjonction of another.

I hope that help.


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