On 1/19/21 6:27 PM, qtpie wrote:
> Also, how do you change your keyboard settings under i3/Fedora/Qubes? I
> want to use the us-altgr-intl keymap. Under i3 when I do $ localectl
> set-keymap us-altgr-intl in a qube vm terminal, this has no effect in
> applications. The right alt key instead remains used to open menu's
> (altgr+f for File, altgr+e for Edit, etc.) If I could use altgr-intl and
> retain that functionality that would actually be great.

To answer my own question for other peoples reference: in i3 the way to
change the keyboard layout is basically suggested in the qubes faq, but
you really have to dig into the workings of localectl and keyboard
configuration in general. I ended up doing in dom0:

$ localectl set-x11-keymap us pc105 altgr-intl compose:ralt
$ localeclt status

localectl howto:

List of possible keyboard options. This page is about setxkbmap, do not
actually use setxkbmap (I've tried), but these options are generic:


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