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A few questions about using Qubes with i3. I think the idea behind i3 is
great, but getting everything to work is a bit of a struggle.

I'm using the i3 window manager with Qubes in a multi-monitor setup. The
laptop monitor is 1920x1080, the external monitor is 2560x1440. To
enable the second monitor I do $ xrandr  --output eDP1 --auto --right-of
DP1 --output DP1 --auto.

The issue I keep running in to is that about half of the time, my mouse
will not work on the the external monitor on the rightmost quarter and
lowest quarter (approximately). The pointer will move there, but clicks
are not registered. It is as if the mousedriver sees the second monitor
as 1920x1080 instead of its actual resolution. The status bar is
displayed on both monitors.


This can be fixed by increasing the dom0 Qubes GUI video memory [1].

[1] https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/gui-configuration/#video-ram-adjustment-for-high-resolution-displays


I have read much of what there is to read on xrandr and tried many
options, like switching monitor postitions, scaling, panning,
positioning, but to to avail, the issue keeps returning. I have tried
comparing the output of $ xrandr -q, but there is no difference between
working and error situations.

- Does anyone have a comparable setup and what xrandr command do you use?
- Is there an alternative to using xrandr under i3?

Also, how do you change your keyboard settings under i3/Fedora/Qubes? I
want to use the us-altgr-intl keymap. Under i3 when I do $ localectl
set-keymap us-altgr-intl in a qube vm terminal, this has no effect in
applications. The right alt key instead remains used to open menu's
(altgr+f for File, altgr+e for Edit, etc.) If I could use altgr-intl and
retain that functionality that would actually be great.



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