I am using the ancThresh model in the phytools package for 172 taxa. The
model finished running: I have the liabilities, parameters, MCMC and alpha
values output. The alpha value shows convergence of the model. However when
I tried getting DIC values from the threshDIC function I got Infs for both
the OU model and the Lambda model.The error output I have been receiving is
posted below:

> BMThreshDIC <-threshDIC(scaled.tree, AT.data, ancestralBM,
**** NOTE: no sequence provided, column order in x
Error in start:nrow(mcmc$par) : argument of length 0
> BMThreshDIC <-threshDIC(scaled.tree, AT.data, ancestralBM, burnin=2000000)
**** NOTE: no sequence provided, column order in x
> OUThreshDIC
    Dbar     Dhat       pD      DIC
2109.678      Inf     -Inf     -Inf

Any help or guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Aja Carter
PhD Candidate

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of Pennsylvania

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