Dear all,
I am trying to make a phylogenetic tree with pie charts showing a relative
frequencies of the three quartet topologies around a branch in the ASTRAL
species tree (similar to the Fig. 7 in Sayyari & Mirarab, Molecular Biology
and Evolution, 33: 1654-1668; I am
computing the species tree in ASTRAL with option '-t 8' or '-t 4'. This
produces a tree with frequencies of alternative quartet topologies saved as
bootstrap support values, e.g.


However, I am unable to load such a tree into R using standard functions as
'read.tree' or 'read.newick'.

I have two question:
1. Do you know how to read this tree into R?
2. Could you suggest any trick how to use these values (e.g.
pp1=0.75;pp2=0.24;pp3=0.01) to draw pie charts over nodes/branches?

Thank you.

Tomas Fer
Department of Botany
Prague, Czech Republic

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