Hello all,

I'm using the R package 'ape' to make non-ultrametric phylogenetic trees .
I want to align tip labels together when drawing a tree with plot.phylo(),
and also add on more labels using the tiplabels() function. But, I can't
get additional tip labels from tiplabels aligned properly with those from
plot.phylo. When I call tiplabels, the labels are being drawn at the true
edge length instead of neatly around the plot with the tip labels drawn by
plot.phylo. So, in the plot below, I want the tip labels (circles) to be
aligned adjacent to the tip labels (names) drawn by plot.phylo.

Good: tips like t30, t31, and t2
Bad: tips like t1, t20, and t21

Can anyone help me out?

Below is the code to produce the tree above. I'm using ape version 5.1 and
R version 3.4.3.

sim_tree <- rlineage(0.1, 0.05)
plot.phylo(sim_tree, type = "fan", align.tip.label = TRUE)
tiplabels(pch = 19, col = rainbow(3), offset = 6)

Thanks all!

*Nick Carleson*

PhD Student
* | Oregon State University *Graduate Research Assistant | *Botany and
Plant Pathology*
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