I have been working through The Racket Graphical Interface Toolkit 
documentation to learn GUI programming and I thought I would do a small but 
useful project.  The idea is to make a simple GUI front end which will 
formulate commands for ffmpeg to do various video and audio conversions on 
selected files and then run those commands.  MrLib/terminal seems like just the 
thing except there are various ways that it isn't as good as it could be for 
this kind of project.   It's mostly small things, for example, the cancel 
button is labeled "Abort Instillation" by default.  The one thing which is not 
so simple is that it looks like it is intended to just run one command and not 
create an interactive environment.  I was expecting to be able to send commands 
to the terminal% object in order to run things one after another.  Instead, you 
pass a function as a parameter when you create the terminal% object and it just 
runs that function.  So, either I have to close the terminal and open a new one 
each time I run a command or I suppose that I could have the function work with 
a thread mailbox or channels so that I could keep using it.  My question is 
whether MrLib Terminal the best option for this kind of work or is there a 
better bet?



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