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Matthias Felleisen <matth...@ccs.neu.edu>

> When you watch the presentations of people who present with
> latex/beamer, you notice that most just excerpt the paper. This
> reduces the amount of time needed to prepare the presentation and the
> quality of the presentation at the same time. 

That's true.

> A paper/handout and a presentation are two completely different ways of
> bringing across intuition and if you connect them, you miss a chance.

I must admit in for most of the presentaions I do, flip-chart is the only tool
I use since I prefer its interactivity and consider it's better for *teaching*.

> In this sense, you’re at an advantage with scribble and slideshow -)
> The bit of disconnect forces you to rethink the presentation. Pict is
> a bit of a connection between the two. 

Thank you - I confess I was not really aware of the pict's existance as
separate package.

>  — my use of scribble is restricted to a few papers with PhD students 
>       and How to Design Programs/2e. 

Have you served it well for HtDP2e?

>  — I do not use slideshow only pict. 

That's interesting, indeed.

Maybe I should mentioned that I do non-technical presentations...


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miseries or elated when there is happiness, and who is free
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