In case anyone else finds this helpful.  I poked around the DrRacket source 
and found text:get-completions/manuals.  This gave me a thread to pull.  
After more googling, docs, and reading more source I think I can answer my 
own question.

The short answer is no.

The long answer is sort of.  If I am understanding correctly, Racket does 
not provide the capability to directly look up lexical scope aware 
completions.  But, text:get-completions/manuals in framework can be used to 
look up a list of keywords in documented exports.  That list can then be 
searched for an applicable completion for a partial word.

Not sure why I failed to find this yesterday.

Here is a quick and dirty example.  There is probably a much better way to 
do this, but I'm still learning.  I'll settle for something that just works 
for now.

#lang racket
(require framework)

(filter (lambda (x) (regexp-match #px"^def" x)) 
(text:get-completions/manuals #f))

On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 5:12:00 PM UTC-6, wrote:
> My google-fu is failing me today.  Is there a concise way in Racket to 
> request possible completions for some Racket code?  For example, in 
> powershell I can ask System.Management.Automation.CommandCompletion for 
> possible completions of the powershell code "ConvertTo-Json -"  like this:
> $cmd = "ConvertTo-Json -"
> $ret = 
> [System.Management.Automation.CommandCompletion]::MapStringInputToParsedInput($cmd,
> $cmd.Length)
> $candidates = 
> [System.Management.Automation.CommandCompletion]::CompleteInput(
>     $ret.Item1,
>     $ret.Item2,
>     $ret.Item3,
>     $null,
>     [System.Management.Automation.PowerShell]::Create()
> ).CompletionMatches
> $candidates | ForEach-Object {
>     [pscustomobject]@{
>         CompletionText = $_.CompletionText
>         ResultType = $_.ResultType.ToString()
>         ToolTip = $_.ToolTip
>     }
> }
> Outputs (depending on system, powershell and .net version):
> CompletionText       ResultType    ToolTip                             
> --------------       ----------    -------                             
> -InputObject         ParameterName [Object] InputObject                
> -Depth               ParameterName [int] Depth                         
> -Compress            ParameterName [switch] Compress                   
> -Verbose             ParameterName [switch] Verbose                    
> -Debug               ParameterName [switch] Debug                      
> -ErrorAction         ParameterName [ActionPreference] ErrorAction      
> -WarningAction       ParameterName [ActionPreference] WarningAction    
> -InformationAction   ParameterName [ActionPreference] InformationAction
> -ErrorVariable       ParameterName [string] ErrorVariable              
> -WarningVariable     ParameterName [string] WarningVariable            
> -InformationVariable ParameterName [string] InformationVariable        
> -OutVariable         ParameterName [string] OutVariable                
> -OutBuffer           ParameterName [int] OutBuffer                     
> -PipelineVariable    ParameterName [string] PipelineVariable           

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