Replying off list because this is getting pretty far removed from Racket: if 
you were experiencing wrist pain when using emacs, that's probably indicative 
of RSI problems just under the surface. Take this stuff seriously; if you 
address the problem at the first hint of discomfort, you're generally fine; if 
you wait until it becomes a problem, you'll never fully recover (as friends of 
mine found out).

Anyhow, as a 20-year Emacs user, I can guess what bad typing habit you have. 
You should *always* cross-shift. IE, one hand presses shift/ctrl/whatever, and 
the other presses the key. Ctrl-X is done with Ctrl on the right hand, and x on 
the left. This is always better for your hands/wrists, no matter the editor. 
But with Emacs, not cross-shifting is usually how people hurt themselves.

Get yourself a split keyboard, type correctly, and stop doing something if it 
hurts, and you'll be fine for decades. "It hurts" is the best reason ever to 
avoid Emacs ... but also to cross-shift in vi :)


On February 12, 2018 9:01:34 AM GMT+01:00, Gour <g...@atmarama.com> wrote:
>On Sun, 11 Feb 2018 16:12:34 -0800 (PST)
>HiPhish <hiph...@openmailbox.org> wrote:
>> One large advantage DrRacket has is its graphics capabilities. 
>That's somehing I would just have to discover. :-)
>> What's really cool about Neovim is that the developers have been
>> Vim. For example, GUIs are now independent of the editor itself, you
>> even use another editor like Atom and embed Neovim. In the past you
>> have had to use a Vim emulator, which is usually a hit or miss, but
>now you
>> can just embed the real thing. Remote plugins I have already
>mentioned; in
>> Vim if you want to write plugins in another language you have to
>> Vim, with Neovim you just retrofit it. Then there is all the async
>> which was the prime motivation for starting Neovim. I was still new
>to Vim
>> when I was getting really annoyed about things like syntax-checking
>> blocking and I was considering switching to Emacs, but then I
>> Neovim.
>I had tried tried several times with Emacs, but, for some strange
>reason, very
>soon I would experience some wrist pain and finally gave up on it.
>Otoh, it does never occur when using Vim...yes, I also have Neovim
>and start using/learning it, but it is still light usage.
>My question was simply curiosity whether using non-Emacs editor is an
>'forcing' me to choose some other language to tinker with. Of course,
>is always a viable option, but I simply prefer not to 'change gears'
>editors), if possible, when working.
>> Emacs is older than Neovim and I don't think anyone here on this
>mailing list
>> is using Neovim (except me)
>> but people do use Emacs, so the Emacs-Racket ecosystem (and Lisp in
>> has had more time to mature. It will be a while before Racket support
>> Neovim catches up with Emacs.
>Thank you very much for your input!
>As a strong wind sweeps away a boat on the water,
>even one of the roaming senses on which the mind
>focuses can carry away a man's intelligence.
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