I don't use Emacs, so I can't comment on it. One large advantage DrRacket 
is its graphics capabilities. One could write a Neovim GUI in Racket and 
it the same graphical capabilities.

What's really cool about Neovim is that the developers have been de-crufting
Vim. For example, GUIs are now independent of the editor itself, you could 
use another editor like Atom and embed Neovim. In the past you would have 
to use a Vim emulator, which is usually a hit or miss, but now you can just
embed the real thing. Remote plugins I have already mentioned; in Vim if you
want to write plugins in another language you have to re-compile Vim, with
Neovim you just retrofit it. Then there is all the async stuff which was the
prime motivation for starting Neovim. I was still new to Vim when I was 
really annoyed about things like syntax-checking always blocking and I was
considering switching to Emacs, but then I discovered Neovim.

Emacs is older than Neovim and I don't think anyone here on this mailing 
is using Neovim (except me), but people do use Emacs, so the Emacs-Racket
ecosystem (and Lisp in general) has had more time to mature. It will be a 
before Racket support in Neovim catches up with Emacs.

On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 6:06:33 PM UTC+1, Gour wrote:

> Btw, what do oyu think how good is the Neovim+Racket match in comparison 
> with 
> e.g. Emacs? 

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