I'm afraid that's not possible. The functionality that gets the completion
candidates is written in Racket:

  #lang racket/base
  (require nvim/rplugin framework)
  (define (complete prefix)
    (define completions (text:get-completions/manuals #f))
    (filter (λ (x) (regexp-match (regexp-quote prefix) x)) completions))
  (nvim-function "RacketCompletions"
    (λ (args)
      (complete (vector-ref args 0))))

Neovim has this feature called "remote plugins": a plugin can be written in 
language as long as there is an API client for it:

I wrote the Racket client for cases like these where I can use a Racket 
to solve a problem in Neovim. In the future if someone implements proper
semantic auto-completion for DrRacket I will be able to take that 
and use it in Neovim as well.

On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 10:55:56 PM UTC+1, noch...@gmail.com wrote:
> Will your omni-completion also work in Vim?

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