Gour wrote on 02/12/2018 03:01 AM:
I had tried tried several times with Emacs, but, for some strange reason, very soon I would experience some wrist pain and finally gave up on it.

Something that's not Racket-specific, but is very important to software developers...

I've seen several developers cause permanent damage to their wrists/hands, from bad typing practice, and a few of them had to find jobs that didn't involve typing.

Never type through hand pain, and find good workstation ergonomics that work for you.

Regarding Emacs (Esc-Meta-Alt-Ctrl-Shift) specifically... The Emacs features that reduce the amount of repetitive typing required (for, e.g., formatting, completion, navigation) are good, but what's bad for some people is that Emacs encourages simultaneous keypresses. If you're using one hand to press two keys simultaneously, the repetitive contortions involved seem to be a problem.  Five things you can do, to save your hands :
(1) for 2-simultaneous-key combinations, train yourself to use both hands;
(2) for the Emacs Meta key, instead of holding down the Alt key and pressing the modified key(s), consider the pressing and releasing the Esc key, and then pressing the modified key(s); (3) add your own easier Emacs key bindings for commands you use often, perhaps your F keys;
(4) try out Emacs features and add-ons that might save typing;
(5) write your own Emacs functions to save typing.

There's also non-Emacs-specific things, like keyboard height, wrist angles, torso and arm positions, neck position, taking breaks, stress, etc.  Very subtle changes here can make all the difference. Different things work for different people, so Google around, and find what works for you.

I was very fortunate that others started raising issues about typing RSI at the start of my career, so I just try to spread the gospel of good typing.

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