I recall multiple discussions about colon keywords over the many years, but (it's 5am) temporarily forgot that Jay did a poll 3 years ago.

Jay's results summary quoted and linked below.

I think 3 years means it's time to go from these results, to either changing Racket, or expecting "preference #langs" to become more of a thing.  (Again, from a software engineering perspective, I'd discourage "preference #langs"; but, from a love of programming perspective, I'd understand.)

Jay McCarthy <jay.mc...@gmail.com> wrote on Thu, 22 Oct 2015 13:43:50 -0400:
It has been a little more than a week and we've stopped getting results.

The full results should be publicly available. Here is a summary:


and here is the raw data:


My interpretation of the data is as follows:
- The #:keyword syntax is liked fine with a rating of 5.67
- The :keyword syntax is more loved with a rating of 6.9
- But change is not popular, average of 5.1 with high standard deviation
- People that really like #:keyword do not want a change and do not like :keyword
- People that really like :keyword want a change

I am genuinely surprised :keyword saw so much support and that change was so attractive to people.

Naturally whenever you do stuff like this, you want to ask more questions, like what about keyword:, what about supporting both, etc.


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