Christopher Lemmer Webber wrote on 9/19/18 8:15 AM:
#:keyword matches other Schemes I've used.

If other Scheme precedent is a factor... Before Racket (PLT Scheme) did it the way it does, I only recall Guile supporting that way.  I recall every other implementation doing it differently than that way.  From the SRFI discussion (which was the interim IETF RFC-ish mechanism for evolving past R5RS, before R6RS):

And Guile already supported other keywords formats simultaneously, somewhat like I'm proposing, though my proposal is simpler.

my suspicion is it's mostly "what did you become famliar with initially" kind 
of thing.

That's often the case in language preferences, especially among people who don't know many.

There also seem to be cognitive and aesthetic differences between individuals.

In the case of `#:` keywords, for me, it's a human factors engineering visual overprominence (e.g., `#:` makes keyword arguments more prominent than even variable bindings or a syntax extension use), an aesthetic annoyance (a little ugly, unlike the elegant conventional s-expression syntax that makes up most of Racket), and a rapid keyboarding annoyance (having to type 2 shifted characters instead of 1, for no good reason).

(The Colonistas will be silenced no longer!  We yearn to be free of Octothorpian oppression!)

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