Chris Parrish said the following on 27/05/08 09:50 PM:
> Thanks for the feedback Steven.  I'm really interested in making this a 
> usable extension for all.

Let me add my thanks too.

 > Now that I've been working on it, I see *many* good reasons to go this
> route (my current favorite is the server and browser caching benefits -- 
> I *love* the idea of not having to expire and reserve all stylesheets 
> and javascripts every 5 minutes).

Let me add one.
While having the CSS and JS in the database rather than the file system
is a convenience, especially for those of us who don't have shell
access, it comes at a price.  Database hits can cost more than file
system hits.  I found out long ago that caching can have hidden costs as

This approach gives flexibility.  There's nothing to stop you using the
file system or pages.  Why?

Unlike some other commentators I prefer not to have my template drag in
every CSS and JS that __MIGHT__ be needed by some page somewhere on the
site.  I __LIKE__ the idea of associating specific pieces of CSS/JS with
specific pages.  But the overall look and feel of the site stays fixed.
 That can even warrant putting the CSS in the file system and making it
inaccessible even to developers.

But I DO want to be able to put custom CSS/JS on specific pages.

Thank you for this.

> As to the multiple tabs, yeah, I'm with you.  [...]
> Anyway, for now, John just suggested keeping two tabs and waiting to see 
> how things progressed.  In the interest of minimizing tab space, I did 
> choose to name them CSS and JS instead of Stylesheets and Javascripts.  
> Plus, your standard-level users never see the tabs anyway so it looks 
> clean to them.

I think this is a diversion and just a reason to find fault with a great

My gripe is about the packaging.
I unpacked v0.3 into /vendor/extensions/styles_n_scripts/

and got:

Could not load extension from file: v0.3_extension.
#<NameError: "V0.3Extension" is not a valid constant name!>

As far as I could make out, v0.3 wanted to be installed in

> I certainly welcome any ideas/suggestions here. Its a fairly 
> straightforward design but nothing's set in stone.

Are you going to subsume "attachments" ?

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