Anton Aylward wrote:
My gripe is about the packaging.
I unpacked v0.3 into /vendor/extensions/styles_n_scripts/

and got:

Could not load extension from file: v0.3_extension.
#<NameError: "V0.3Extension" is not a valid constant name!>

As far as I could make out, v0.3 wanted to be installed in

Hmm, that sounds like something didn't unpack to the right location (I'd guess an SVN thing, actually). Once you checkout the project, make sure that inside your /radiant_project/vendor/extensions folder you have the following:


Also, if you're using Radiant 0.6.7, I've released a v0.3.1 yesterday with some minor tweaks.

Let me know if you're still having issues with this.
I certainly welcome any ideas/suggestions here. Its a fairly straightforward design but nothing's set in stone.

Are you going to subsume "attachments" ?

I think, long term, John would like an application that has a built-in solution for images, css, and js.

In the meantime, I don't think I have that kind of authority to overthrow other extensions... Wrings hands... "And after this one falls, boys, we're going to conquer and assimilate the CopyMove extension, mwaa haa haaaaa!"

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