Hey all,

I am new to Radiant and even newer to deploying Radiant sites, and the
documentation I can find helps little. I have two apps running well on
my laptop but it's time to get them up on my shared hosting account at
Railsplayground and I am unsure about the best way to do that.
Railsplayground's stellar [cough] documentation has, once again, not
failed to disappoint.

On the Rails apps that I have built from scratch, I have always used
subversion for version control and Capistrano for deployment. Is it
possible to use Radiant the same way? Can a Radiant app be capified? I
am using the default sqlite3 db. I just wanted to ask before I went
through the whole process and screwed something up.

How are people deploying their Radiant apps? What is the ideal scenario
for development and deployment? Any thoughts would be greatly


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