Anton Aylward said the following on 02/06/08 07:00 PM:
> Anton Aylward said the following on 02/06/08 06:02 PM:
>> I've tried a lot of things and learnt a lot of things.
>> As they say, you learn more form failure than success :-(
> Among them is that the SQL syntax of a sqlite3 .dump
> is not the SQL syntax that MySQL requires.
> Yes, there are pages on the 'Net that describe scripts to patch it over,
> but one of them are complete.
> So far I haven't found a side by side comparison or a shell/awk/sed/perl
> script that does a conversion that works.

What I've done to get in this mess in the first place is to develop
content on my laptop (think 'desktop replacement').  That's 'content'
not 'application'.

Of course I developed it using Sqlite3, since that seems to be the new
baseline for Rails2.  I planned to deploy it on Dreamhost and MySQL, but
decided to test an export/import from Sqlite3 to MySQL on the laptop
first, which led to this problem.

In the past I've only used Sqlite3 on Dreamhost and the one time I did
develop content locally and export the files there it failed - I don't
know if this was a version, library or word-length problem.  In that
instance there wasn't much content and I did  cut-and-paste into a new

But I'm going to have to do the export of the local database and import
it on Dreamhost and I'm dreading that.

Why doesn't Rails come with tools for doing this kind of thing?

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