On Jun 1, 2008, at 5:15 PM, Andrea Franz wrote:

The one feature I haven't gotten to work right on the gallery extension is
reordering the individual images.

If fixed that bug in the latest version. Try to pull it from github
and try again.

 Thanks it works great now.

Big thumbs up for booth of these extensions. They both are nicely done and serve slightly different roles. I like how gallery is more or less all together in one place. It's draw back is that it doesn't have as many useful

Let me know what tags you need. If they are usefull we could add them.

I think I could use something like:

<r:gallery:item:url name="file.jpg" />

<r:gallery:item:image name="file.jpg" />

Again, the extension is really great.  Thank you.


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