Big thumbs up for booth of these extensions. They both are nicely done and serve slightly different roles. I like how gallery is more or less all together in one place. It's draw back is that it doesn't have as many useful tags. The one thing that seems odd about attachments is that if you attaching certain images to certain pages it's easy to get your images scattered. To properly deal with images in Radiant it seems you need them both. One repository with the best of gallery and attachments would be pretty useful. Another thing about them both that's odd to work with is that they both create a directory for every image you upload. I may be a bit old fashion because I keep thinking it would be easier having one directory, say the images directory, with all the images just crammed in.

The one feature I haven't gotten to work right on the gallery extension is reordering the individual images. They move real cool on the backend but then they just don't stay where you put them. Anyone else having trouble with that? As a user of the gallery extension I think I could also use a way to try to move images from one gallery to another.

Really nice work on both of those extension so far. Thank you for making them.


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