Jim Gay wrote:
So, here's what I'm going to try to do. I made a list of topics that I would like to see as part of the documentation, roughly organized by topic. When I get back home from work tonight, I'll try to type that in and email it out just to share my ideas with you. I know that there will be many things that could be debated in that list but it may serve as a reference (even if it is trashed).

That would be awesome. It'll at least help me write the docs for radiant-help to see how others want it organized.

Hi Guys

Sorry for the delay in pushing this out. This is roughly the first draft of the plan that I had. This is not split up into the sections that I had mentioned. I think some of these can be mixed and matched into the different sections. In general, this targets a person who is starting with Radiant but is actually a developer. I'm sure there's plenty more that can/ should go in, but I'm just passing this as a starting point.

6/14/2008 | 2:17 AM.

1. Installation & First Steps
  * Downloading & Installing Radiant - gem, svn, git, edge
  * Getting Started I - "Hello world" with Radiant
  * Planning your site (what are layouts, snippets, pages, page parts)
  * Getting Started II
    - Improved Stylesheets
    - Using Layouts & Snippets
    - Filters & Using Textile
  * Themes
    - Why are there no themes for Radiant?
    - Using the 'Hemingway' Radiant them?
    - Who does themes?   (Radiant pros)
  * Introduction to the Admin UI and Users
  * Installing your first extension (PageAttachments?)
  * Improved Stylesheet/ Script management (SnS)
* Deploying your first site (general tips with guidance to specific host articles)

2. Common Tasks & Extensions
  * Migrating from other sites - Wordpress, Mephisto, etc.
  * Understanding tags & Radius
  * Getting Started III - Meta tags & Date of publishing
* PageAttachments - Installations, providing downloads and linking to images/ thumbnails
  * Beyond HTML - providing a simple RSS feed for your site
  * Customizations - Time zone
  * Gallery - Image galleries
  * WYSIWIG Editors - WymEditor, FckEditor
  * Sitemap
  * Import/ Export
  * Using Radiant as a blog
  * Search Extension

3. Writing your Own Extension
  * Creating an extension I - Adding tags (and some useful tags)
* Creating an extension II - Adding a tab in Admin UI (and what is shards?)
  * Creating an extension III - Modifying the Page UI from an extension

4. Additional Configurations & Advanced Admin
  * Previewing Radiant Pages (developer viewing)
  * Multi-site Extension (why and how)
  * Customizations II - Admin title, etc.
  * Skinning the Admin UI
  * Installing to a sub-domain
  * Installing to a sub-directory
  * Dealing with Caching

5. Commonly Used Extensions
  * Copy and Move
  * Reorder
  * Featured Pages
  * Mailer
  * Syntax Highlighter
  * Calendar/ Events
  * RSS Aggregator
  * Comments
  * Multiple RSS feeds from the content
  * Scheduler Extension
  * Newsletter

6. Advanced Topics (few solutions yet)
  * Versioning the content
  * Tagging & Rating Content
  * Multiple Languages
  * Migrating from SQLite to MySQL/ other database
  * Staging Extension (and ideas on how to do it)
  * Protecting the data
  * Setting up user access/ passwords
  * Integrating with Rails
  * Providing end-user help (radiant_help)

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