On Sun, 2008-06-15 at 16:04 +0100, Andrew Neil wrote:
> Me too! I've had some time to develop something this weekend, and here  
> it is:
> http://github.com/nelstrom/radiant-subscriber-lists-extension/tree/master
> I was very impressed by Andrea's Newsletter extension, but configuring  
> a Linux server to send mail is a big hole in my knowledge. I could not  
> make it work in production, so regretfully had to move on.
> I have basically simplified the Newsletter extension so that it  
> doesn't send any mail. That means an email address is added to the  
> list instantly upon form submission, rather than sending an email with  
> activation code. Likewise, the unsubscribe form removes a subscriber  
> instantly, without verification. This might not be the *best* way of  
> doing things, but I think some clients will actually prefer it.
> Everything is in place for this extension to work on the public facing  
> side of a site. The admin side, however, is unfinished at this stage.  
> Right now, there is no means to add or edit users in the admin. I have  
> created an Export action, which outputs all subscribers for a list as  
> a CSV file.
> If you want to try it out, I'd be pleased to hear any feedback.


You are my frickin' hero! I was staring at the various parts of the
newsletter extension last night trying to size up the task ahead. Then I
check my email today and you've already done what I wanted to do, and
you even added CSV export.

I have already installed it. I do have one question though, and this may
apply to all migrations of extensions: can I add additional columns in
extension migrations or will it somehow break the extension? I was just
wondering if they are somehow different from normal rails migrations.



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