Did you make any headway on this?

Try running this in script/console:

>> s = Page.find_by_class_name("SubscriberListPage")
=> #<SubscriberListPage id: 11, title: "Newsletter", slug: "newsletter", breadcrumb: "Newsletter", class_name: "SubscriberListPage", status_id: 100, parent_id: 1, layout_id: nil, created_at: "2008-06-15 14:38:39", updated_at: "2008-06-15 14:38:39", published_at: "2008-06-15 15:38:39", created_by_id: nil, updated_by_id: nil, virtual: false, lock_version: 0, description: nil, keywords: nil>
>> Subscriber.count_active_subscribers(s)
=> 0

I'm afraid I can't reproduce the error, and I am also using Radiant 0.6.7, Rails 2.0.2. What database are you using? I've only tested on MySQL.

Looking at the definition of the method count_active_subscribers, I'm wondering if it is MySQL specific:

    def count_active_subscribers(subscriber_list)
count(:conditions => ["unsubscribed_at IS ? AND subscriber_list_id = ?", nil,])

I'm not certain whether this would work with, say SqlLite. Even so, the error message says undefined method, which is surprising since the method is defined in the Subscriber model.


vendor/extensions/subscriber_lists/app/views/subscribers/ index.html.erb
where line #15 raised:

undefined method `count_active_subscribers' for #<Class: 0x7fcb342a30d0>

Extracted source (around line #15):

12: <% @lists.each do |list| %>
13:   <tr>
14: <td><a href="<%= url_for :action => 'list', :id => %>"><span class="title"><%= list.title %></span></a></td>
15:   <td><%= Subscriber.count_active_subscribers(list) %></td>
16: <td><%= link_to "Edit page", page_edit_path(:id => %></td> 17: <td><%= link_to "Export", :action => "export", :id => %></td>
18:   </tr>


I have huffed and I have puffed, but I cannot figure out how why it isn't working. Do you have any thoughts?

Radiant 0.6.7, Rails 2.0.2

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