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> On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Anton Aylward <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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>     I've just returned to a blogging engine to do an upgrade and realised I
>     know and like Radiant more.
>     What does it take to do good blogging in Radiant?  Is there a convenient
>     list of what plug-ins are required, templates and so forth?
> This is one of the things that is very well covered in the Summer Reboot
> documentation. Seriously, can we just call this the Reboot Wiki or
> Reboot Documentation or something? The summer is well and truly over.
> Just a suggestion.
> Anyway, here is a link to the page:

That you.
That's proven most useful ;-)

All we need now is that the template competition include some examples
of the fragments of pages & snippets and layouts for blogs.

Sadly, I see too many such 'competition' that rely purely on the overall
looks and not on what it takes to make them work. One can easily - I
have - lift one of the free templates (the designs by Andreas Viklund
are good examples and I've converted a number to run with Radiant, and
find the page_part & inheritance a wonderful too that other CMSs &
blogging engines lack -- and adapt that, but
still flounder with the details.

Residual blogging questions:

  * Is there anything like xmlrpc for remote submission?
  * Is there anything akin to "register before commenting"?
  * Is there a way to do "comments are now disabled?

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