Anton J Aylward wrote:
<rant >
Radiant has great potential, but, apart from a few people, Sean and
Chris being the most outstanding, the Geeks rule.  The code may be great
but the usability sucks.  The READMEs are sparse, the installation
instructions missing and the examples for use non-existent or confusing
(the gallery extension must be up there among the most confusing to use).

I wouldn't mind so much if the author wrote things like 'This software
"works for me", but it may not work for you.'  That's fair enough.

But lack of this means a great waste of time.

Hi Anton

I'm sorry for the problems you are experiencing. I'm hoping that most people release code when it's at least at a stage where it works for them. Unfortunately, you have to cut the developers some slack when it comes to this - it may be that when they created their extension, they had stuff pre-installed and somehow in their thinking, that item didn't make it into the prerequisites.

As far as the Radiant community goes, it's one of the better and more civil communities I have seen. We have worked hard to put out instructions for different things. Take a look at some of these for example:

all starting from

That said, it may just be that those of us who are doing the documentation have not yet used/ encountered the extensions that you want to use.

The community here is helpful - it's usually willing to go a much longer way than just saying "find your own way - or use something else, this is open source - get in and code" and I'm sure your own experience will also be similar. That said, are you talking about: as the articles plugin? I had trouble trying to find what you may be using.

12/15/2008 | 2:40 AM.

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