I have set up Mailer on 3 different websites and the first two worked right out of the box, but the third is not working even though it's set up no different than the others. No matter what I push or pull on, I still get the "(see Mailer.valid_config?) " error when I try and view the 'Contact' page. The content for my page parts is this:


subject: Thank you
from: he...@goodtastewithtanji.com
redirect_to: /contact/thank-you/
 - pixeln...@gmail.com

This is a message from <r:mailer:get name="name" />

This is my ActionMailer settings from the bottom of the 'config.after_initialize' block:
# ActionMailer settings for use by the Mailer extension
   ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
     :address => "mail.goodtastewithtanji.com",
     :domain => "goodtastewithtanji.com",
     :user_name => "hello+goodtastewithtanji.com",
     :password => "myrealpassword",
     :authentication => :login

And yes I have removed action_mailer from 'config.frameworks -= []'.

Is there anything else I can check or do even if it only means that the error changes? I have been banging my head on this for the last two days. I have tried reinstalling the extension (3times), moving things around in my environment, and nothing works. I don't know what else to do. Any help/pointer/criticism appreciated.


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