I have a self-built blog engine that stores article content in text files. Most of the entries are in Textile so I don't see a problem there. I would like to move this content to the new Radiant-based blog I got up and running, and ofcourse I want to backdate them so that posting dates reflect the original posts. Now, I do not want to do this per hand. The article volume is big enough, that contemplating changing the dates per hand gives me carpal tunnel syndrome. I've lready figured out how to post articles to Radiant and have them land in the appropriate places but I can't figure out how the fields for the publication dates are called. So a post about turning these fields on in the Radiant forms, bt I once again failed to do that. And since it was a hint I picked up from the old site I can't find it again - and in the git wiki that page has not been created yet.

Anyone have any pointers for me?

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