On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 10:32 AM, Chris Parrish
<chris.parrish-forumm...@swankinnovations.com> wrote:
> I'm upgrading/fixing/refactoring SnS right now -- partly to resolve some
> issues with 0.8.x and partly to get it ready for 0.9 -- and I could use some
> user feedback...

This is exciting! Over at Aissac we have used SnS and SnS Minify for
more than 10 sites and it goes into every new Radiant project.

> 1.  Does anyone use custom values for the SnS settings?  These include:
>   * css_dir
>   * js_dir
>   * css_mime
>   * js_mime

We have never used custom values for these settings.

> John has suggested I simplify SnS by fixing these values to defaults
> (convention over configuration).  Would this cause any problems for you or
> your users?  Would anyone even notice?
> 2.  Do most of you use SnS Minify along with SnS?  Would anyone be opposed
> to my incorporating it into SnS?  I don't mind leaving it as a separate
> extension but there's no need to make people install two extensions if we're
> all using both.

We install SnS Minify for each SnS installation, because the primary
reason for us to use SnS is to speed up asset serving. Fewer requests
are good and adding minification even is better. Also, we couple this
with gzip compression in Apache.

It would make sense to bundle these in the one extension. There is no
overhead for having it without being used as far as I can tell.

Istvan Hoka
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