On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 6:32 PM, Chris Parrish
<chris.parrish-forumm...@swankinnovations.com> wrote:
> I'm upgrading/fixing/refactoring SnS right now -- partly to resolve some
> issues with 0.8.x and partly to get it ready for 0.9 -- and I could use some

Great News!

>1.  Does anyone use custom values for the SnS settings?  These include:

I was always happy to accept your sensible defaults and never
customized these settings.

> 2.  Do most of you use SnS Minify along with SnS?  Would anyone be opposed
> to my incorporating it into SnS?  I don't mind leaving it as a separate

+1 for incorporating SnS Minfy into SnS.


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