Asfand Yar Qazi said the following on 11/21/2009 12:05 PM:
> Hi,
> I'd like to know if Radiant or one of its extensions offers some
> capabilities I'm looking for for a site I need to write for a client.

"Site".  That's an important term.
It means "domain"?  Right?

I wouldn't do this all with just one "engine", even if I used Radiant
for all the parts.

Suppose you have a 'portal' at
I've done this with static HTML and embeded IFRAMES for news feeds, but
there's no reason that this shouldn't be the front page of the magazine,
and yes I believe it can be done with Radiant.

But that front page can have a menu item for "Blogs" that actually takes
you to "".  Perhaps that'd done with Radiant,
perhaps not.  Another menu item goes to " ".  And
so on.   If you don't like the forum plugin for Radiant, try another RoR
forum engine: Eldorado -

> They want a 'magazine' type structure, with forum and blogs, using a
> single sign on.

SSO is a very fuzzy concept.  Many of the authentication mechanisms give
a cookie token back after login and have  "remember me" so  that when
the user come back after a period (seconds, hours, days...) so long as
they haven't deleted the cookie they are authenticated.  If you make
this happen at the DOMAIN level - see above - then you can make one form
 of SSO happen.  There's a few IFs though.  Authentication is not the
the same as Authorization.  Someone may log in to update their blog but
that may not mean they are authorized to read private parts of the forum
or submit articles to the journal.  I suggest you look at using Role
Based Access Control.  I believe there is a plugin for it, but I don't
know if it addresses this kind of thing.

Check out the plugins by 'spanner'

> So someone can open an account, and be given permission to write
> articles.  These are then approved by designated "editors" and
> published both to the front page, and to 'category' pages depending on
> what category the articles belong to.

Yes, that's most definitely RBAC.

> This sounds like standard CMS stuff, doesn't it?  The only sticking
> point  seems to be the overall account scheme, where a single user
> account can do multiple things depending on what permissions it has.
> Will Radiant easily support these features, or is some hard
> development work required?

Users and user groups seem covered in Will Spanner's plugins.
I don't know if he implements any kind of RBAC.

Perhaps this can be adapted

See also

Please let us know how you progress with this.


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