2009/11/21 Steven Southard <ste...@stevensouthard.com>:
>> This sounds like standard CMS stuff, doesn't it?  The only sticking
>> point  seems to be the overall account scheme, where a single user
>> account can do multiple things depending on what permissions it has.
>> Will Radiant easily support these features, or is some hard
>> development work required?
>  From my experience with radiant I think a few of these features seem
> like you will be doing some development work to achieve.  That said
> the CMS is quite flexible and I'm sure it could be made to do these
> things.  I can't believe I'm saying this but with what your trying to
> do may I suggest you first look into Drupal before you start this
> project with Radiant.  I don't know Drupal very well but I do know
> some sites made with it that have similar features.  Good luck with
> what ever you choose.

I don't know PHP or Drupal, but I know Ruby on Rails.  Hence I will
develop this platform using Rails, and since Radiant seems to be the
number 1 CMS system on Rails, I will use that.  The kind of thing
(although simpler) I think my clients are looking for is

2009/11/21 Bentley, Dain <dbent...@nas.edu>:
> For comments have you looked at disqus?  You can eve use facebook signon.

Thanks I will consider that.

2009/11/21 Anton Aylward <anton.aylw...@rogers.com>:
> Asfand Yar Qazi said the following on 11/21/2009 12:05 PM:
>> I'd like to know if Radiant or one of its extensions offers some
>> capabilities I'm looking for for a site I need to write for a client.
> "Site".  That's an important term.
> It means "domain"?  Right?

I mean 'site'.  I know of several 'sites' where the all the features
are rolled up into a single coherent interface (at least from the
visitor's point of view), for example, http://www.anandtech.com/
(technology magazine) and http://www.therevival.co.uk (Muslim youth

> I wouldn't do this all with just one "engine", even if I used Radiant
> for all the parts.
> Suppose you have a 'portal' at QizisCompany.com.
> I've done this with static HTML and embeded IFRAMES for news feeds, but
> there's no reason that this shouldn't be the front page of the magazine,
> and yes I believe it can be done with Radiant.
> But that front page can have a menu item for "Blogs" that actually takes
> you to "Blogs.QizisCompany.com".  Perhaps that'd done with Radiant,
> perhaps not.  Another menu item goes to "forums.qizisCompany.com ".  And
> so on.   If you don't like the forum plugin for Radiant, try another RoR
> forum engine: Eldorado - http://eldorado.heroku.com/

I'm not going to skimp on forum features just because it has to be in
Ruby on Rails - phpBB it is, because the rich feature set is worth it
(and it's free compared to vBulletin).  The main page has to have
snippets of the latest blog entries, the latest forum posts, and a
single username/password must be able to access all of these.  Using
separate apps makes this more difficult, but not impossible - I just
have to delve into the database of each one and extract the text

Also, using different sub-domains causes search engines to treat each
one as a separate site - SEO advice seems to recommend that everything
is under the same domain, to increase search engine rankings.  So I'm
going to have them as 'xyzsite.com/forums' and 'xyzsite.com/blogs'

Thanks for the advice.

> SSO is a very fuzzy concept.  Many of the authentication mechanisms give
> a cookie token back after login and have  "remember me" so  that when
> the user come back after a period (seconds, hours, days...) so long as
> they haven't deleted the cookie they are authenticated.  If you make
> this happen at the DOMAIN level - see above - then you can make one form
>  of SSO happen.  There's a few IFs though.  Authentication is not the
> the same as Authorization.  Someone may log in to update their blog but
> that may not mean they are authorized to read private parts of the forum
> or submit articles to the journal.  I suggest you look at using Role
> Based Access Control.  I believe there is a plugin for it, but I don't
> know if it addresses this kind of thing.

That's why I want to use a single engine for everything - RBAC becomes
easier.  If I have to use other software, I'll basically be creating
accounts and logging people into them on the other software when they
log onto my app.  But phpBB, for example, has its own RBAC scheme, so
that's ok.  It means doubling work of administrators when assigning
roles (first on the app, then on the forum software), but from the
visitor's point of view, it seems consistent, because they only have
to create an account once.

But again thanks for the tips.

> Check out the plugins by 'spanner'
> http://github.com/spanner/radiant-reader-extension
> http://github.com/spanner/radiant-forum-extension

Many thanks.  That seems to be the kind of things I'm looking for.
The 'Beast'-based forum is not suitable, my client is used to
vBulletin's rich feature set, and only another mature forum product
can match it, so phpBB it is.  But spanner's plugins are just what I
was looking for as a starting base, thanks so much!

>> So someone can open an account, and be given permission to write
>> articles.  These are then approved by designated "editors" and
>> published both to the front page, and to 'category' pages depending on
>> what category the articles belong to.
> Yes, that's most definitely RBAC.
> See http://github.com/saturnflyer/radiant-page_review_process-extension/


>> This sounds like standard CMS stuff, doesn't it?  The only sticking
>> point  seems to be the overall account scheme, where a single user
>> account can do multiple things depending on what permissions it has.
>> Will Radiant easily support these features, or is some hard
>> development work required?
> Users and user groups seem covered in Will Spanner's plugins.
> I don't know if he implements any kind of RBAC.
> Perhaps this can be adapted
> http://github.com/dko/radiant-rbac_assets-extension/
> http://github.com/saturnflyer/radiant-rbac_base-extension/
> http://github.com/NoamB/acts_as_permissible/
> See also http://github.com/saturnflyer/radiant-user_pref_control-extension/


> Please let us know how you progress with this.

I will.  I'm subsidising part of the cost of the project so I can use
the platform in future projects, and I will definitely release any new
features I develop which I think will not embarrass me and will be of
some value to the community :)

     Asfand Yar Qazi
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