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> Hmm,
> How do you list the shows via the archives?
> I can see <r:events:in_range:each> but that requires
> start="yyyy/mm/dd" manually specified in the tag.
> <r:events:upcoming:each limit="10"> just seems to list all upcoming
> events but is not scoped to the date in the archive...
> Is creating a simple list of events scoped by month/day possible?

We're talking at cross purposes, then.

The Page Event archive is quite separate from the Archive.
Its for events that appear in the calendar.  Presentations, meetings,
trade shows, things like that.

Think C*A*L*E*N*D*A*R

You have fields on those pages that say when the EVENT is to occur, and
that has nothing to do with when the page was written, published or updated.

I presume you don't mean "shows" in your sentence in that sense.
Its about "shows" as a noun, trade SHOWS, theatrical SHOWS, not as the verb.

The "Archive" ties in with when the page was published, as in a Blog.
Its quite separate and nothing to do with this plugin.

I'm using Page Event for a site that has no blogging.  The "upcoming
Events" section take the next 3 from the /events.  Which is what its
supposed to do.

I think you have the wrong idea of what this is for.

Think in terms of a CALENDAR of events.
Now, instead of the matrix of the calendar, 28. 29, 30 or 31 days per
page, think in terms of a linear list that may be over more than one
page of the calendar, as might be the case with a once-a-month event.

Think C*A*L*E*N*D*A*R

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