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> I'm confused at to what these additional page types actually do...?

You've got me confused now.
Which extensions are you talking about?

you're refering to

<r:archive ....
<r:events ...

Those are two separate extensions.  The first comes with the basic
Radiant - check the gem if you haven't frozen it into your working tree.

The second is a separate plugin that you download and install manually.

The Radiant core archive code  extracts the Archive pages from their
original place in the Radiant distribution.

Pages of page-type=archive are intended to provide behaviour similar to
a blog archive or a news archive. Child page URLs are altered to be in
%Y/%m/%d format (2004/05/06).

Looking at the code of the archive extension I see that its based on
"date published", as you would expect or a blog.

The Page Event code adds extra fields and its operation is based on
those extra fields.

The Archive is based on each page having one specific date.

The Page Event is oriented around the idea of a calendar, so that means
an event may have a start data and an end date, as would be the case for
a conference, a trade show or a Broadway show.

They are two completely different things with different objectives.

Trying to use them together is going to tie you into knots.

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve
change amid order.
    --Alfred North Whitehead
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