On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 9:54 PM, Steven Southard
<ste...@stevensouthard.com> wrote:
> This seems like it would work great and be really helpful. For some
> reason it doesn't output anything.  Do I have it wrong or will find
> not work inside aggregation or something?
> <r:aggregate urls="<r:find url='/blog-
> archives/'><r:children:each><r:url />; </r:children:each></r:find>" >
> ...

Radius does not do that.

You can't have tags inside attributes.
What would need be be implemented is another feature where you specify
child_urls or children_of or something like that and the tag would
grab children of those given urls. This does not exist, but I'm sure
it would be a welcomed addition.

Jim Gay
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