Rob Levin wrote:
> I've just started working at a place that is using Radiant for it's web site
> and I've noticed our general pages are usually somewhere around 150kb and
> take, on my system, around 800ms. FWIW, just now dslreports showed my
> download speed (on my client box) avg at around 5000Kb.
> Since it's a small start-up I'm going to be the one to further "tune" site's
> performance. That being said, I'm not a sysadmin nor do I have experience in
> this sort of thing (disclaimer). We are using Radiant version 0.8.1 with
> Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) Server on RH4 (don't ask) and using Passenger with
> ruby enterprise edition: 1.8.6 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 287) Ruby Enterprise
> Edition 20090610. We have our own dev server but for production we're using
> server beach.
> Looking at our Radiant instance's /config/environment.rb file I noticed the
> following line so it looks like Radiant caching is on right?
> config.middleware.use ::Radiant::Cache
> So my questions are: What would be a checklist of things that may be
> degrading our site's performance? Besides generally reducing http calls and
> sizes, what Radiant specific stuff can I do to speed things up? Even links
> to relevant Radiant docs would be helpful. What would be a good time per
> size metric to shoot for? Thanks all!
Are you trying to reduce the 150KB or the 800ms?

If you're after the size, you'll need to look at the content more 
closely - there are probably stylesheets and JS files that are larger.  
You may need to minify them - I think the SnS extension (or one of its 
cousins) does that:

If you're after the time, I'm not sure where the time is going - you 
will probably need to see the logs to see where the time is being 
spent.  Are you using many extensions?  Are your pages being populated 
as a result of many queries (database and/ or HTTP)?  Finally, you can 
change the page caching time to a much larger value compared to the 
default 5 minutes if your pages can manage it.  Remember that a page you 
edit will be expired from cache when you edit it and all pages are 
expired from cache when the site basics (snippets, layouts, etc.) are 
changed [if I remember correctly].

Lastly, others may be able to help a bit more if you point us to the 
website :D

12/29/2009 | 8:41 AM.

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