There are a variety of CMS's out there - pick the appropriate one for your project. Is it Radiant? Depends.

Joel Oliveira wrote:
My personal, biased and completely unabashed opinion - if Radiant's not like Drupal, then everyone on the Radiant core team is definitely doing something right. I'd rather switch careers than make another go with Drupal. The way I look at it - Radiant gets out of my way and let's me get things done. That's all I need. Just my opinion.
On Jun 26, 2010, at 2:24 PM, mgutz <> wrote:

I'm trying to grasp what Radiant CMS is. I went through the demo. My
initial impression is that Radiant a page management system more
concerned with structure than content. In contrast, a CMS like Drupal
is focused on content. That is the basic unit of management is content
be it an artricle, product, blog entry, video clip, a recipe ...

Radiant is focused on the developer who thinks in pages instead of the
end user who thinks in types of content. The markup supports this.
Most end users would be confused with liquid templates. In general,
the Ruby CMS I researched do the same thing with their own twist. I
wonder if any Ruby CMS will ever reach the status of Drupal because of
the difference in approach. That is not to say Drupal is the ultimate

There are times when I want to create a page in Drupal and life would
be easier if Drupal behaved like Radiant. Is the lesson learned to not
put everything in one admin and mix concerns? How about a separate
admin area  for end users where, for example, a blog entry is nothing
more than one or more paragraphs. The existing admin would be used by
developers and designers to create layouts and page prototypes which
can be selected by end users.

Does this make sense at all?

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