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I like it plenty for blogs. I like to use it for everything! I really enjoy trying to hack Radiant and its extensions to do everything I want it to do. Drupal may work fine but I don't care much about other CMSs. I dig Radiant and that's pretty much the case for everyone that uses it.

I agree with you, Steven. I do use it for quite a bit of work over on my side... any place I'm managing semi-dynamic content, I'm tempted to use Radiant rather than hack another implementation.

In my opinion, it works very well for managing content - sure, you need to think a bit differently, compared to creating each page singularly, but we've been able to use the little bit of programmability (radius tags, especially the if_*** or unless_***) to create pretty simple-to-manage sites. For example, on http://qi.sg/ we use Radiant for the main site. We have a slider area where the Javascript picks up a bunch of images and slides them around. It may not be the best implementation, but I have a page called sliders and under it, we put new banners, as required with 2 specific sections - image (that has a link to the image) and link (that has a link to the detailed article). All this holds together very well with a simple piece of code for the slider:

<r:find url="/sliders/">
<ul><r:children:each by="position" order="asc">
<r:if_content part="link"><a href="<r:content part="link" />"></r:if_content> <r:if_content part="image"><img src="<r:content part="image" />"/></r:if_content>
<r:if_content part="link"></a></r:if_content>

It all works very well :) - if there's no link, it doesn't link to any thing... also, it uses the position of the slider, so changing the sequence of the items on the home page is very simple. Also, to remove a banner, just change its status to "draft" and off it goes. Put it to published and it's back.

To be fair, I haven't used other CMSs, but doing things like this makes it quite simple for everyone!

There are extensions that provide functionality that I would like to see within the box, but it's not a big deal.

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