I use Drupal and Radiant CMS... I came from using mostly Drupal since I felt I 
could get it to do pretty much whatever I wanted, however most sites I make are 
rather static small sites for small businesses and Radiant it much better for 
that. If somebody needs more focus on articles, I still pick Drupal. (Or if 
somebody needs a big amount of pages... since I use a kind of multi-site 
solution with Radiant CMS in order to keep it as one app for the small sites, 
but this also makes everything share one database. WIth a Rails 3-based Radiant 
it might just take little enough memory in order to start keeping a separate 
installation for each site which would broaden the range of sites that I'd use 
it for.)

And for more article oriented sites I might want to start looking at Adva CMS 
at some point, to get a Rails-based alternative to Drupal. One advantage still 
remains for Drupal though, and that is lots of modules (OK there are lots of 
plugins and stuff for Rails, but still the Drupal community is about as big as 
the whole of Rails'). Another advantage is readily made pretty complete 
translations for Drupal, but that might come more and more for Radiant now that 
0.9.x is out.

However, with Drupal I often find myself fighting to get rather simple 
customizations in the template done... that would be really trivial to do with 
Radiant... and *that* is the big advantage of Radiant. Drupal might be good and 
customizable for a main stream PHP-based CMS, but it's really bloated and 
complicated compared to Radiant.

  cheers, Simon

On Jun 27, 2010, at 08:24 , Steven Southard wrote:

> On Jun 26, 2010, at 8:42 PM, Nate wrote:
>> On 6/26/10 3:00 PM, Bernard Yu wrote:
>>> I don't think the point is to make Radiant like Drupal. I think Drupal is 
>>> not a good example, a better example is a pure content management framework 
>>> like Pods CMS (podscms.org -- ignore the fact that it's merely a WP 
>>> plugin). In short, building a good way to deal with content types other 
>>> than pages, and this is an issue that I've had to deal with in a few client 
>>> projects where I wanted to use Radiant.
>> That is an awesome plugin. Thanks for sharing that. I am doing more 
>> Wordpress work now and I will definitely use it on a future site.
>> Don't get me wrong, I love how Radiant works. But as others have said, it's 
>> great for page based sites. For brochure sites it's awesome. For blog sites, 
>> not so much.
>> ~Nate
> I like it plenty for blogs.  I like to use it for everything!  I really enjoy 
> trying to hack Radiant and its extensions to do everything I want it to do.  
> Drupal may work fine but I don't care much about other CMSs.  I dig Radiant 
> and that's pretty much the case for everyone that uses it.
> Steven

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