Probably coming in a little late on the discussion here as the page
seems to have grown massively this morning and the topic diversified

Just a quick message wanting to offer a hand with the development of
the page_attachment extension, I like the idea of having the
attachments all listed below the page parts and the ability to contain
them within one page. I know this is possible with paperclipped but I
always find myself clicking between the assets tab, uploading then
dumping things in the bucket and back to the page to insert them,
force of habit and not the correct way to use it I'm sure. One thing
I'm not sure about with page attachment is this re-ordering
functionality - useless unless there is the ability to categorise
files into folders such as 'Monthly Financial Review PDFs' and pull
these out with radius tags, somethings I'm glad to help with. Also
don't see the point in displaying thumbnails, a simple hover on the
title could reveal them to save the row height taking up so much space
and cluttering the page. Ultimately I'd see an extension like this
supporting ajax upload to retain page state and the ability to drag/
drop the attachment into the page part (like someone mentioned above
and asset bucket currently). Not a fan of drag n drop btw so a nice
CtC (copy-to-clipboard) radius tag button would be a gem. Let me know
what I can do to help!

Couple of other points I've read over and had some experience with is
the SnS extension, all good in practice but in production the
stylesheets are loaded from the db and ultimately slowing the site
down no? I appreciate it can be a good thing whilst developing but
from experience I tend to slice my psd's and build xhtml/css layouts
before even thinking about implementing any kind of cms or data-driven
backend. Once the main layout has been built then we can ascertain
which content regions will be editable and allow page specific styles
(through page parts) applied at population time - this is where the
page attachment/asset manager radius tags come in real handy. Just saw
the release of the sns page hooks today - had a discussion with Anton
Aylward regarding this as it's something I was after/looking to
create. Haven't tried it yet and definitely don't plan on moving my
flat css files from the stylesheets folder anytime soon but for those
of you using it an export file option would be good. The only onus on
the user then is not to delete image assets after a switch to
production mode.

radiant-core and radiant-more idea is a great one and John Long you've
hit the nail there with your previous post.

Today I intstalled 0.9, it's great and I'm loving the look and feel so
far. I attempted to install the mailer/database_mailer plugins but
these weren't compatible it seemed so I've fixed them if anyone's
interested, not sure who I tell or what I do to give something back to
the community?!

Good night, keep up the great work & sorry for the unintentionally
long post!


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