Hello, we're running a Radiant installation and we're experiencing
very slow load times. Here's our site:


We're running it on a linode 512 vm. The site uses the
radiant_rss_reader extension to construct many different snippets. I
was wondering if this was the problem, but have checked the RSS cache
and verified that it is not retrieving the RSS feeds again if they've
been cached within the set interval (currently 1 hr).

But it seems that whenever I initiate a refresh from the browser,
pages take about 30 seconds to load. Almost all of this time appears
to be spent in ruby. When I click refresh, the CPU load spikes to
about 60% for the duration of this 30s period and then at the end the
page appears suddenly, implying that bandwidth and browser rendering
are not the bottlenecks.

When I click around in the site after going through these slow load
times for all the pages, they come up very suddenly, leading me to
believe that they are being served from the radiant cache at that

My first question is, is there a way to make it so that a browser
refresh does not cause the radiant cache to be invalidated? I would
like to set up an hourly cron job that spiders the web site to
basically "prime" the cache and make it so that real-world requests
are served up quickly from the cache instead of having to be re-parsed
and rendered by radiant.

Second question is, why is my site taking so long for radiant to
render? It doesn't strike me as an especially complex layout? Is my
radiant process running out of memory or something? Any
recommendations on apache and/or db configurations that would help


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