On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 8:50 PM, William Ross <w...@spanner.org> wrote:
> From a brief look it seems that the rss-reader extension disables all page
> caching. It does this in a rather inadvisable way (by amending the Page
> class itself rather than defining a specialist subclass) but since your site
> is primarily an RSS-aggregator, fixing that wouldn't help much.
> The extension is quite old and I expect the decision dates back to the old
> radiant cache: with Rack::Cache in front of the whole thing it doesn't make
> sense any more. Simply commenting out these lines in lib/rss_reader.rb:
>   def cache?
>     false
>   end
> should make a big difference.

William, I just thought of something. We're running Radiant 0.8.0. Would
this affect your advice at all?


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