I too do experience slow page loads. especially with the sns extension.
I updated the sns extension to allow for cache busting css and js urls
and for a start of action caching the parsed textasset.


slightly modified

* to add a cache busting timestamp allowing for really far future expires 
* update the layout to re-render pages so this gets set if you modify a 
stylesheet or javascript file
* respect the Rails asset_host setting
* Rails cache the render of an object and expire it on changing the asset

did send a pull request to:


I think it would be great for radiant to benefit from some caching on the 
action level, not just Rack::Cache.

cu edi

On 25.01.2011, at 23:01, Carl Youngblood wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 2:27 PM, William Ross <w...@spanner.org> wrote:
>> 4. Now you can be fairly sure that the problem is in a radiant extension.
>> You will need to poke around in the console (in production mode on the live
>> site) to find out more. Here are some values you could check:
>> SiteController.cache_timeout (should be a duration, most likely 5.minutes)
>> Radiant::Config['dev.host'] (make sure this isn't the same as your
>> production host)
>> Page.find_by_parent_id(nil).cache? (that's the home page. cached? should be
>> true)
>> That last will most likely return false, and you will need to track down
>> why.
>> best,
>> will
> THanks for all these tips Will. I am indeed getting 200 responses and
> to respond to Anton's previous comments, firebug shows that nearly all
> the delay is spent waiting for the server. THere's no funny business
> in the apache config, it's quite standard.
> SiteController.cache_timeout is 300 seconds,
> Radiant::Config['dev.host'] is nil. The only config settings that show
> up when I call
> Radiant::Config.find(:all).each { |c| p c.key }
> Are:
> "admin.title"
> "admin.subtitle"
> "defaults.page.parts"
> "defaults.page.status"
> "defaults.page.filter"
> "session_timeout"
> "assets.additional_thumbnails"
> "assets.display_size"
> "assets.content_types"
> "assets.max_asset_size"
> "assets.skip_filetype_validation"
> "roles.settings"
> "SnS.stylesheet_directory"
> "SnS.javascript_directory"
> "SnS.cache_timeout"
> "SnS.javascript_mime_type"
> SnS.cache_timeout is 600.
> Page.find_by_parent_id(nil).cache? is true.
> So it looks like most of my settings are normal so far. Any more
> ideas?  Thanks again for your troubleshooting tips.
> Cheers,
> Carl

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