On 23 Jan 2011, at 19:04, Carl Youngblood wrote:

> Hello, we're running a Radiant installation and we're experiencing
> very slow load times. Here's our site:
> http://transfigurism.org
> We're running it on a linode 512 vm. The site uses the
> radiant_rss_reader extension to construct many different snippets. I
> was wondering if this was the problem, but have checked the RSS cache
> and verified that it is not retrieving the RSS feeds again if they've
> been cached within the set interval (currently 1 hr).

From a brief look it seems that the rss-reader extension disables all page 
caching. It does this in a rather inadvisable way (by amending the Page class 
itself rather than defining a specialist subclass) but since your site is 
primarily an RSS-aggregator, fixing that wouldn't help much.

The extension is quite old and I expect the decision dates back to the old 
radiant cache: with Rack::Cache in front of the whole thing it doesn't make 
sense any more. Simply commenting out these lines in lib/rss_reader.rb:

  def cache?

should make a big difference.



> But it seems that whenever I initiate a refresh from the browser,
> pages take about 30 seconds to load. Almost all of this time appears
> to be spent in ruby. When I click refresh, the CPU load spikes to
> about 60% for the duration of this 30s period and then at the end the
> page appears suddenly, implying that bandwidth and browser rendering
> are not the bottlenecks.
> When I click around in the site after going through these slow load
> times for all the pages, they come up very suddenly, leading me to
> believe that they are being served from the radiant cache at that
> point.
> My first question is, is there a way to make it so that a browser
> refresh does not cause the radiant cache to be invalidated? I would
> like to set up an hourly cron job that spiders the web site to
> basically "prime" the cache and make it so that real-world requests
> are served up quickly from the cache instead of having to be re-parsed
> and rendered by radiant.
> Second question is, why is my site taking so long for radiant to
> render? It doesn't strike me as an especially complex layout? Is my
> radiant process running out of memory or something? Any
> recommendations on apache and/or db configurations that would help
> here?
> Thanks,
> Carl

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