Carl Youngblood said the following on 01/23/2011 02:04 PM:
> When I click around in the site after going through these slow load
> times for all the pages, they come up very suddenly, leading me to
> believe that they are being served from the radiant cache at that
> point.

I'd suggest looking into the various developer tool plugins for Firefox.
What you described here may be an artefact of the browser, not the
server, caching things like graphics and CSS.

I found that having the CSS served up as a page, while convenient for
development, meant more work on the server and database.  Similarly with
graphics if they needed resizing.

Once they are cached *in the browser* they don't need to be fetched again.

You should ask yourself why a page that hasn't been accessed before
would be in the radiant cache?  When I try your site, hitting a page
I've not visited before, it comes up fast.

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