On Feb 18,  8:26pm, Novagate Systems Admin wrote:
> Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) Recommendations for ISP Billing System
> Check out http://www.data-point.com/products/isp/
> IMHO, it is by far the best package out there.  From an interface point of
> view it is easily the best.  And moving from Quickbooks is a snap, just
> click on the fields you want to convert.  Also, the revisions are constant
> so if there's a feature you need it will probably end up in the next
> version (although it does just about everything, including manage a
> WuakeII server!). I've seen some packages that haven't been upgraded in
> months and as we know, our businesses are not that static :-)

Looks very nice.
Any idea what sort of database is behind it?
Could Radiator get to it?

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