Thanks for the feedback... and for the warning against purchasing in haste.
Do any (or all) support transferring an existing Unix password file into the
SQL database?

>Emerald, PLatypus and Rodopi are all very functional, with lots of good
>features. Here is a potted summary of the pros and cons as I see them:
>Emerald: PC GUI, MS-SQL, very easy to install, good features, but you must
>install MS-SQL first.
>Platypus: PC GUI, MS-SQL, probably a bit more mature than Emerald.
>is a bit mnore involved than the others (you have to create the database
>databse device yourself from instructions), and instll MS-SQL first
>Rodopi: lots of nice features, web interface, with server programs running
>under IIS. Very easy to install, but requires MS-SQL and IIS to be
>In all case, installation is not too bad, but you will have to spend some
>configuring it to suit your needs (adding the packages, services and prices
>I would be inclined not to chooose on the basis of how easy it is to
>and configure, but on the features offered. On that basis,its hard to
>between Platypus and Rodopi. Emerald is prob behind those two.
>This might be a case of "purchase in haste, repent at leisure", though I
>think you will have serious problems with any of them.
>Radiator works fine with all of them, and will auth direct from their
>and insert accounting direct to their database.
>On Feb 18,  4:54pm, Leigh Sandy wrote:
>> Subject: (RADIATOR) Recommendations for ISP Billing System
>> We are in the process of evaluating a billing system for our office.  We
>currently have about 2000 dial-up customers and are transitioning from
>Livingston Radius to Radiator.  Our current billing system is QuickBooks
>and it is really a pain.  Any comments on Rodopi?  Platypus?  Emerald?  Do
>of them build the server with all the software preinstalled and configured?
>need something that won't take much of our time to configure.
>> Leigh
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>>   From: Kevin Wormington
>>   Sent: Thursday, February 18, 1999 11:30 AM
>>   Subject: (RADIATOR) SQL with failover to flat file
>>   Hi all,
>>   I am using v2.13 with a modified AuthPLATYPUS going against MSSQL 6.5.
>would like to set radiator up to try authenticating from AuthPLATYPUS and
>the SQL server is down then attempt authenticating from a flat users file,
>would allow my remote radius servers to authenticate if there was an sql
>failure or a leased-line was down.  Is this possible and would there be a
>on each auth if the sql server were down or would it get marked as down
>it came back up?
>>   Thanks,
>>   Kevin
>>   Sofnet, Inc.
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